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She searches the Golden Oak Library for a book on how to be a good princess and leader, but she doesn't find anything. We must strike while these meddling ponies are locked away! The friends decide to having a slumber party at Pinkie Pie 's house that night; while they're still concerned about the nightmares, they're certain a night of fun will help them sleep peacefully. While she can be manipulative, it is mostly only to toy with enemies - primarily, she relies on her army of Nightmare Forces to get her way.

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Nightmare Rarity

However, her efforts to turn the other ponies against Luna are futile; in spite of her past as Nightmare Moon, Celestia and the citizens of Ponyville accept Luna as one of them. Soldiers and Demomen are easy pickings with enough skill in Super Jumping. Just like Rarity, her mane is groomed in an elegant hairdo, but hers is much longer, multicolored and somewhat etherealized, star-like glitters can be seen within her mane. It's true, your powers defeated me before, little ponies, but what will you do now that i've taken one of you?

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Celestia tells Luna that the Elements are no ordinary ponies and to trust in them. When Fluttershy reminds them of what good friends they all are, a warm glow envelops their bodies; Twilight thinks the glow is their friendship lighting them up from within. Offensively, she is so strong that a single blast from her was enough to take down Princess Luna although it should be noted that Luna was at that point holding herself back out of fear of becoming Nightmare Moon again. Nightmare Rarity is a villain through and through, cruel and sadistic, delighting in bringing enemies down and humiliating them.

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